Pascal Boissel

16 rue de la Rivière

49000 Ecouflant

Hi there,

I came across your site and was wondering if you'd be interested in us promoting your site or a page on your site, over Twitter?

We have a current Twitter audience of over 3 million people, and we're wondering if you'd be interested in us retweeting you to increase your exposure? We don't remove the retweets and only charge $20.

Some of the benefits:

- You gain real, human, interested followers - these people only follow if they are interested, so they aren't just random followers, they are qualified followers
- If your tweet has a link in it, you'll receive extra website visitors. This can be sometimes be thousands, depending of course what the tweet is about
- The snowball effect: As your follower count grows, you get more retweets, which results in even more followers. And so on.

If this is something you feel you might be interested in, just reply to this message and we can discuss further.

Kind Regards,
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